Strap Clip with Double Strap


Item# 2405-3050

2-3/4″ vinyl strap clip (5-7/8″ with extra strap) with nickel-plated steel 2-hole clip and a double strap.

Clip is 3/8″ wide and will fit all badge slots.

P/N: Y843817, 2105-3050

6″ Plastic Loop Strap


Item# 2420-200x

Attach the 6″ plastic loop to your luggage tag.

    • Plastic loop strap – 6″
    • Flexible plastic

Available Colors in 5 different colors


P/N: Y843683

Wrist Coil with Split Ring and Vinyl ID Strap


Item# 2415-620x

Ideal for organizations where card readers are accessed frequently. Keep your ID close at hand with this expandable wrist band that can hold an access card or keys.

  • 7/8″ nickel plated split ring and  clear vinyl strap
  • Expands from 2-1/2″ to 14-1/2″
  • Strap size: 2-3/4″
  • Available Colors: Clear (2415-6200), Black (2415-6201), Blue (2415-6202), Green (2415-6204), Red (2415-6206), White (2415-6208), Yellow (2415-6209)

P/N: Y487499

Color Vinyl Strap Clips


Accessories Strap Clips

Item# 2405-200x

An ideal solution to display slotted credentials. It is perfect for schools, colleges and universities, and corporate and government employees looking for a reliable, affordable way to display their IDs.

2-3/4″ color-coded vinyl strap clip with nickel-plated steel clip.

Clip is 3/8″ wide and will fit all badge slots.

P/N: Y487227, 2105-2001, Y241513, 2105-2002, Y699849. 2105-2004, Y241515, 2105-2006, 505-SDC-WHT, 2105-2008, Y699851, 2105-2009, 2405-2001, 2405-2002, 2405-2004, 2405-2006, 2405-2008, 2405-2009