4″x 3″ Biodegradable Badge Holder Clip/Pin

BIO-H-3 (Biodegradable)

  • A high-quality badge holder that  will quickly biodegrade into biomass and humus. This results in less environmental pollution.
  • This badge holder comes with a clip and pin combo on the back, but can also be used with our lanyards – try pairing with the recycled or bamboo lanyards.
  • Maximum Insert Size: 4″ x 3″ – pairs well with our recycled inserts.

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Purchase in multiples of : 100
Minimum Quantity : 100
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Item# BIO-H-3

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Purchase in multiples of : 100
Minimum Quantity : 100
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Item# BIO-H-3

These badge holders look and feel just like our vinyl badge holders. They can be reused and recycled and will biodegrade in normal landfill conditions in 5 years. The traditional vinyl badge holder can take up to 400 years to degrade.

Now one of the most visible parts of your meeting can be disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way. BIO-D® Badge Holders are made from a biodegradable PVC film (independently verified biodegradable to ASTM D-5511 standards). You get a high-quality badge holder that at the end of its life cycle will quickly biodegrade into biomass and humus.

Clip/pin combo biodegradable badge holder – use with our recycled badge inserts.

Eco friendly | Sustainable –  Reusable, Recyclable
Popular for  your all your Conventions, Trade Shows, Events, and Conferences.
Useful in Corporate, Medical, University, College or Religious organizations.

p/n: BIOH3, BIO-H3



10 gauge clear biodegradable vinyl


4-3/8″ x 3-3/4″

Max Insert Size

4″ x 3″

Minimum Order

Order in groups of 100


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